photos of streets angles sur anglin

Angles sur l’Anglin, 'one of the most beautiful villages in France' is a beautiful place to be.

Unspoilt streets with different styles of stone houses in the High Town lead to a breathtaking view of the Chateau set on an outcrop of rock overlooking the river Anglin and the Low Town.

Angles sur L'Anglin is located in the region of Vienne, Department of Poitou Charentes, approximately 100kms south of the Loire Valley.

There are streets to wander leisurely and streets that require more effort where you can appreciate the views of the village. 

To see everything in Angles sur L' Anglin follow the signed trails of La Ville Haute and La Ville Basse.

Several restaurants and café bars offer an opportunity to pause, eat and drink, relax, sit alone, chat with company, read a book, or watch the comings and goings of local people and visitors.

Discover the book,
art, craft and antique shops, pharmacy, bakery and hotel. There is also the community shop which is a newsagent, grocery and post office. It overlooks the chateu.

The village has a spectacular programme of spring, summer and autumn events called LES ESTIVALES. 

There are antique and vide grenier events, needlework exhibitions, book festivals and fairground pleasures to experience plus the spectacular firework display on the first Sunday of August. At one time villagers danced by the river on an evening in June when they ate 'moules et frites' in the lamplight under the whispering poplar trees which  will weave their magic spell beneath the Witches Rock. Those poplar trees had to be felled! But one can still imagine whilst butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies flutter!

water mill at angles sur anglin
centre of angles sur anglin

photos of angles sur l'anglin
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